It’s amazing how terrible information is stored in my head. After listening to podcasts a chuckle comes to my mind as I hear some of the trash that falls from my mouth as I say it with such authority. It makes me think I should of taken a career in politics.


I enjoy the word “allegedly.”

By definition the word takes a might have happened stance. To me it is the academic way of saying “no offense” such as…. No offensive, but your mother’s tits sag so low she can tie her shoes with them. Or in the professional sense…. That man sitting right there allegedly forced her mouth upon him…. sexually.

It’s almost like a get out of jail free card. So by this assumption on this website we can say whatever we want about whoever we want….. Allegedly.

A small look into perception.

Fantastic isn’t it. Two people looking at the same thing, whether it is Art, an ideal or concept, music, or just a tree. Many different variations come from two different people.

Day by day a single person’s perception can change. The same idea, the same item, the same music  can change with experience gained or knowledge attained.

Concrete ideas…. 2+2=4 … Simplistic joy in such evident truth.