An idea to a reality is the only way to describe what your seeing right now. An idea that conversations so funny should never go unheard by others. Trying to explain jokes to others seems to lose their gusto when not taken straight from the horses mouth and unfortunately we cannot hire a stenographer to follow us around. So we have found the next best thing….A WEBSITE! Complete with all sources of entertainment for all types of people. We are officially bringing you inside our metaphorical bar for a drink and letting you in on inside jokes that until this moment have only been shared with a few. We here at Cheerstosarcasm.com are really excited for you and are glad that you can hear our conversations and tales of times past. We present these things to you in forms such as:

*Written Blogs
*Audible Podcasts
*Visual Videos
*Gazable Pictures

All of these make it easy for us to target many types of people, including but not limited to:

*people who are bookworms
*people who are dyslexic
*people who need flashy lights and sounds
*people who are just god damn stupid to enjoy anything but pretty pictures

We hope to reach as many people as possible and hope to broaden the humor palette of any one we “touch”. So without further ado, please enjoy the rest of the links on our site and always remember to FUCK STRAIGHT OFF if you are offended or you can stick it out and laugh it off the same way we can.

Heres to the longevity of our little slice of the internet. Cheers.